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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Fun with a wind machine

OK so I've never really thought to use a wind machine (aka fan!) but hey, I wanted to have some fun with long hair and this summer, although not the hottest on record, had it's moments, so it came in rather handy.  I am a Kensington professional photographer covering London and the surrounding areas with my West London studio and split my time equally between Maternity photography and family photo shoots in London.

I am aiming for a fine art appearance to my maternity shoots without being too inaccessible, as I feel they are going to stand the test of time and they do truly look stunning on the wall.  The inclusion of the fan does add a certain movement to the images as you can see, so I do like using it.  It's rather more powerful than I was expecting though which leads to rather amusing images of women drowning in their own hair!!

Pregnancy photographer London

Fine Art photographer London

I have a fantastic studio in my home in West London, where I have all the props I need but in a relaxed and homely environment.  All my clients have said they instantly feel at home and at ease having their images taken and I inevitably form a lasting relationship with them seeing their children grow up which is immensely satisfying.

Susan Porter-Thomas Photography - Fine Art Pregnancy Photographer

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Why fine art pregnancy photography

Fine Art Portraits

My inclination has always to do more poignant/pensive maternity portraits rather than 'yippee we're pregnant' type images.  It's such an emotional time, most notably for the mother to be and some quiet reflective images are exactly what you will want to look back on.

Beautiful lighting and gentle posing, nothing garish or in your face, I love backlit images that outline the gorgeous curves, the drapery are secondary for me, I would rather the image is about the woman not the props and that goes for any type of portrait.  I don't like the trend in newborn imagery of prop heavy set ups with silly things to pose a baby in type photos, and likewise if a pregnant lady has a massive sheet draping her and the wind machine blowing her hair, to me that is just over the top.

For a pregnancy photographer London is the perfect place to be as there is a huge mix of nationalities and cultures, the majority of my maternity shoots are from foreign nationals living and working the capitol.  I think the British are still slightly shy of the camera although they are coming around...especially as families are smaller now so the time a woman is pregnant is such a small amount of time, people want to remember it...

Susan Porter-Thomas LSWPP - Maternity Photography London