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Friday, 20 January 2017

Photo Shoots for my family

Why should I have a professional?

So a family photo shoot in London is expensive, is it really worth while?  If you're like most parents, ie exhausted, overloaded with jobs, madly trying to keep on top of things, then absolutely yes.  Firstly not everyone is supposed to be good at taking's not a god given right.  SEcondly you NEED to have images of your children as they grow up and good ones will be soo much nicer to look back on.  Thirdly you are aloud to outsource!!  

You're proud of your children, and you want to show them off, but you really can't share that awful image on facebook of the too dark slightly blurry image you took last night.  Get them done properly and you can have something to look back on in years to come to remember how cute they were, if exhausting.  If you're anything like me, you are too exhausted right now to appreciate how cute they are, it's only now we're out of the tiny years that I can look back on my photos and realise they were really gorgeous.  Not that I want to return to those years but boy am I glad I had those images.  The kids also love to look back on photographs of themselves as babies and toddlers.  

You don't have to drag your kids to a studio, you can do it outside where they can run wild and basically enjoy an outing at the same time as having their photos taken.  It's the most enjoyable way to do things, and frankly gets the most out of the kids.  

Have a look at this family photographer in London as she takes gorgeous images even on freezing cold days in December.
It's a no brainer, go and do it and do it before your children get too big!!


Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Fun with a wind machine

OK so I've never really thought to use a wind machine (aka fan!) but hey, I wanted to have some fun with long hair and this summer, although not the hottest on record, had it's moments, so it came in rather handy.  I am a Kensington professional photographer covering London and the surrounding areas with my West London studio and split my time equally between Maternity photography and family photo shoots in London.

I am aiming for a fine art appearance to my maternity shoots without being too inaccessible, as I feel they are going to stand the test of time and they do truly look stunning on the wall.  The inclusion of the fan does add a certain movement to the images as you can see, so I do like using it.  It's rather more powerful than I was expecting though which leads to rather amusing images of women drowning in their own hair!!

Pregnancy photographer London

Fine Art photographer London

I have a fantastic studio in my home in West London, where I have all the props I need but in a relaxed and homely environment.  All my clients have said they instantly feel at home and at ease having their images taken and I inevitably form a lasting relationship with them seeing their children grow up which is immensely satisfying.

Susan Porter-Thomas Photography - Fine Art Pregnancy Photographer

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Why fine art pregnancy photography

Fine Art Portraits

My inclination has always to do more poignant/pensive maternity portraits rather than 'yippee we're pregnant' type images.  It's such an emotional time, most notably for the mother to be and some quiet reflective images are exactly what you will want to look back on.

Beautiful lighting and gentle posing, nothing garish or in your face, I love backlit images that outline the gorgeous curves, the drapery are secondary for me, I would rather the image is about the woman not the props and that goes for any type of portrait.  I don't like the trend in newborn imagery of prop heavy set ups with silly things to pose a baby in type photos, and likewise if a pregnant lady has a massive sheet draping her and the wind machine blowing her hair, to me that is just over the top.

For a pregnancy photographer London is the perfect place to be as there is a huge mix of nationalities and cultures, the majority of my maternity shoots are from foreign nationals living and working the capitol.  I think the British are still slightly shy of the camera although they are coming around...especially as families are smaller now so the time a woman is pregnant is such a small amount of time, people want to remember it...

Susan Porter-Thomas LSWPP - Maternity Photography London

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

To drape or not to drape

So I've been photographing Pregnancies now for over 10 years and I'm very aware that London pregnancy photographers can get it very wrong as my clients tell me they've had a difficult time finding a photographer that doesn't create cheesy in your face bump photos.

The artistic maternity portraits that I prefer to do are far harder to find and as a result my clients come from very far afield, some from Cambridge, some fro Kent, quite a few from the other side of London to where my studio is in Ealing.  This is very gratifying but why is it that there are not enough photographers out there that know how to both light and pose a pregnant body.

I have to say that I didn't learn the art of maternity posing and lighting from a course, as there were only the in-yer-face american photographers to learn from and frankly, they were not for me!.  So I've really learnt from scratch.  It's a fine line between artistic and contrived, between beautiful drape and cheesy loin cloth.  Of course everyone has a different point at which art becomes cheese but I hope I've got it in the right place for enough people to book me.

I generally use a combination of normal but flattering clothing that I've collected over the years and think work really well, and drapes that can flatter the body and create almost a frame to the bump and just enough modesty to be politically correct.  I'm very happy to do nude maternity images if the client are happy to go that far, and I think they look stunning with gentle backlighting and the best poses, but it's really not necessary to get the effect.

If you're looking for sympathetic maternity images that you will be proud to show off to even your parents in law then come and give it a go.  If you've got any interested scarves or drapes you want to try out I'm very keen to try new things.

Book a session now

Susan Porter-Thomas LSWPP

Friday, 8 May 2015

New's time

Photographer Branding

I have been in the process of creating a new brand for my family photography business for a few months now, it's slow progress, but I think it's going to be really gorgeous when it's all done and dusted.  I have employed a fantastic designer who has created a really great look for me, a soft elegant and stylish look that I think befits my type of client very well.

The design of the boxes is taking quite a while, they have to look beautiful but also be quite sturdy so that they do thier primary job of protecting the images inside.  Once I get them done I will then be able to take photos of them with some albums and prints around them to put into my marketing material...all very exiting.

I feel that after 10 years in business I have finally honed what I want the business to look like.  I want to concentrate on Pregnancy Photography, Natural newborn photography and location London Family photography.  I get a fantastic variety of challenges from these main three session types, and it really is the genre I love the most.  No more weddings, no more office jobs, I get to be artistic and have fun at the same time, perfect.

I will let you know when I have all of the designs in place so you can have a look..

In the mean time, enjoy the spring

Susan Porter-Thomas Pregnancy Photography London

Monday, 16 February 2015

10 yrs in business

10 Years in Business and things are afoot at SPT

New Identity

I started out in photography nearly 10 years ago after retraining down in Cape Town having been in BA for 8 years as a project manager, and so to celebrate this milestone I feel it's time, yes it's time to get a whole new, 2015 look, one that befits what I'm trying to create, fine art for the modern family.
The designer is exited, he's playing with colours and logos as we speak.  I will keep you posted on the developments, but I'm just a bit exited about the new me..A new and improved luxury family photographer in London

The new Loyalty scheme

I am painfully aware that I don't currently have a loyalty scheme in place for my returning clients and I don't make it that easy for you to refer me to your friends.  So I'm creating a great new loyalty scheme to make it easier on you as a returning customer.  Watch this space but rest assured that my existing clients will get full use of this scheme when I roll it out.

New treats

I'm thinking up new and cool things to give to my younger clients, one suggestion from my husband was a branded dummy!!! or perhaps an SPT distressing ball!

Any other ideas gratefully received.

Blog written by Hampstead family photographer Susan Porter-Thomas LSWPP

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Baby Show preparations for SPT Photography

Its all coming together's amazing how much work is involved in such a big show like The Baby Show.  I think I'm going to have to make it a yearly thing, as I've spent so long getting to grips with everything it would be a waste not to do it again.

I've just put together a slideshow of images which will be on a loop on a beautiful Bang and Olufsen TV, very kindly loaned from the Ealing branch.  Thank you to Stuart for sponsoring me for the show, I think their brand is so strong, stylish and elegant and that is how I want my images to be for my clients.

My other sponsors are Fat Boy, and again I've had amazing support from Po who is going to be lending me some of their gorgeous seating to allow all those foot weary pregnant mothers a place to sit for a while.  I love their branding too, as they represent really good quality but with a touch of fun.

Baby Photography London and The Baby Show special offer from SPT Photography is outlined here.