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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

To drape or not to drape

So I've been photographing Pregnancies now for over 10 years and I'm very aware that London pregnancy photographers can get it very wrong as my clients tell me they've had a difficult time finding a photographer that doesn't create cheesy in your face bump photos.

The artistic maternity portraits that I prefer to do are far harder to find and as a result my clients come from very far afield, some from Cambridge, some fro Kent, quite a few from the other side of London to where my studio is in Ealing.  This is very gratifying but why is it that there are not enough photographers out there that know how to both light and pose a pregnant body.

I have to say that I didn't learn the art of maternity posing and lighting from a course, as there were only the in-yer-face american photographers to learn from and frankly, they were not for me!.  So I've really learnt from scratch.  It's a fine line between artistic and contrived, between beautiful drape and cheesy loin cloth.  Of course everyone has a different point at which art becomes cheese but I hope I've got it in the right place for enough people to book me.

I generally use a combination of normal but flattering clothing that I've collected over the years and think work really well, and drapes that can flatter the body and create almost a frame to the bump and just enough modesty to be politically correct.  I'm very happy to do nude maternity images if the client are happy to go that far, and I think they look stunning with gentle backlighting and the best poses, but it's really not necessary to get the effect.

If you're looking for sympathetic maternity images that you will be proud to show off to even your parents in law then come and give it a go.  If you've got any interested scarves or drapes you want to try out I'm very keen to try new things.

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Susan Porter-Thomas LSWPP