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Monday, 16 February 2015

10 yrs in business

10 Years in Business and things are afoot at SPT

New Identity

I started out in photography nearly 10 years ago after retraining down in Cape Town having been in BA for 8 years as a project manager, and so to celebrate this milestone I feel it's time, yes it's time to get a whole new, 2015 look, one that befits what I'm trying to create, fine art for the modern family.
The designer is exited, he's playing with colours and logos as we speak.  I will keep you posted on the developments, but I'm just a bit exited about the new me..A new and improved luxury family photographer in London

The new Loyalty scheme

I am painfully aware that I don't currently have a loyalty scheme in place for my returning clients and I don't make it that easy for you to refer me to your friends.  So I'm creating a great new loyalty scheme to make it easier on you as a returning customer.  Watch this space but rest assured that my existing clients will get full use of this scheme when I roll it out.

New treats

I'm thinking up new and cool things to give to my younger clients, one suggestion from my husband was a branded dummy!!! or perhaps an SPT distressing ball!

Any other ideas gratefully received.

Blog written by Hampstead family photographer Susan Porter-Thomas LSWPP